Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need your advice please!!!

Late last year, I showed some of my work to the local Jewish Museum Shop.

They are interested in having some of my Challah Covers in the shop but were concerned that the fabrics were too garish.

They requested some more conservative looking pieces.

I agreed to make them 6 covers and here's what I came up with.
(Left side is the front. Right side, the back)

Click on the image to see it larger.

They are each about 20" x 16".

I know, not all of them are so conservative looking, but I just had to be true to myself (and my fabric stash).

Tell me, especially those of you from Jewish backgrounds:
  • Which would you buy for your homes?
  • Which would you buy for your mothers?
  • Which would your mothers buy for themselves?
  • Would you buy one for a wedding gift? A Bat-Mitzvah?

Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Andi :-)


vicki said...

personally, id buy all but the 6th one - i love them & i would definitely give as aspecial present to somebody as well. goes to show, garish (narish)can be good! go andi

Liz Jimenez said...

I think they're beautiful, and would totally buy one in a store.

For my own table, I'd probably want the first or second one. For my mother(-in-law), I'd probably get the fourth one. Would she buy it herself? No, but I don't think she's bought anything new in about 15 years. I think it would be a wonderful wedding (or housewarming) gift for a Jewish couple.

Anonymous said...

I love them. My grandmother would hate them. Think about the fabric you pass on because it reminds you of old ladies. THAT is what will sell to this crowd. My grandmother does a beige table with a little gold on her plates.

I like them.

Lesly said...

I'd buy all of them except the last one. My mother-in-law would like the boldest, brightest one you could make, and my daughter (17) has a bit quieter taste and really likes the second one. I guess it depends on what goes in your community. Good luck with the sales! I've made a couple of challah covers and matzah envelopes - nothing good enough to sell, like yours!

Deborah said...

For mysef number one - suits my colour scheme
For a funky young couple number two or three
For mum, probably not at all but for some of her peers number six.

Holly said...


First of all I don't think your usual fabric choices are garish - and I'm not even a fan of bright fabrics so that's saying something! Bah humbug to them.

As for these, well I'm not Jewish but I like them all! If I had to choose one favourite it would be the fourth from the top.


MichelleB said...

Okay, I just have to answer! I would choose 1, 2 or 5. I really don't think they're too bright. There will definitely be people that it won't be to their taste - but I'll bet others will love them!

dana said...

I love them all. I would buy the 1st or 5th for myself, the 1st, 5th, or 6th for a bat mitzvah, and any of them for my Bubby. I think they are all super. I also didn't think the other ones were garish, I LOVED them. These all turned out super and they will ALL be sold!

karen said...

I love all of the bright colors, but if you really want to sell more? Get some royal blues and pair them with the whites. Jewish people (esp the parents and grandparents) can't seem to get enough of the blues and whites.

andrea creates said...

I'm not from a Jewish background, but when you say conservative I would think the 2nd,3rd,4th or 6th would be the most conservative/traditional color schemes.
Good luck and congratulations :)

Michele said...

They're all beautiful! I like the idea of blue and white, but I really prefer what you've come up with. Gorgeous!

Dee said...

from a Gentile-I like them all! try to think of them as a quilt store that needs to stock the traditional fabrics many like and the more modern fabrics that others are drawn to and let their choices be guided by their tastes. if you're asked to do them again, take notice of what sold and what didn't and adjust your production accordingly.

SuAnn said...

They are all beautiful. I like the black and white one best and the pink one above second. At our table, I like to use different covers, sometimes to match the tablecloth, sometimes to highlight a holiday, sometimes just something more fun. I alway enjoy your work.

Anonymous said...


Kate said...

Ok, I've been waiting to comment until I could show Bren's Mum who buys a lot of gifts from the J museum. She likes the last one the best. She likes a lot of the others but thinks that the binding has to be plain or matching. ie she likes the top blue spots but doesn't like the stripey binding. She thinks it clashes. I on the other hand, have never bought anything from there but love the top one and the last one. I'll forward the link to my Mum too. XX

Corrie said...

first, can I just say wow how lovely that they would like your covers! how great is that. I love them all!


Unknown said...

I love the bright colours, bold patterns like in the 5th (how much are these again :) ?) and would choose any of 1,2 or 3 for friends...FUN (although I can count my jewish friends on 1 finger. The others are a bit lower key and would be better for someone on the conservative side.

love yer work!

Anonymous said...

Love them all! Times they are a changin' - I think they would make great gifts for any occasion, and the fact they are different makes them even better. While it's important to remember traditions and colours, it is also nice to have some things a little more modern, and they would certainly be a big talking point at any table!

CitricSugar said...

I was raised Catholic so I'm not sure how useful I'll be but I personally love 3 and 6 ( and not just because they go with my colours) but they're all beautiful. My mother would be drawn to number 4. And they would make a GORGEOUS wedding gift - you do such beautiful work, Andi....

Life in Eden said...

I was raised Catholic too, but married into a Jewish family. I could see my MIL buying 3 or 4. I love 6 for a formal evening, very chic! But my gut fav is 2 and 3, while I think 4 will appeal to many more conservatives. I'm just personally not a big fan of roses. They are lovely! I wish we did better in having sabbath so I could use one!

Amy said...

for myself: any of them (maybe not the black and white one)
for my mother: any except the first or 5th
my mother might buy for herself: the last one
I would buy as a wedding gift: any of them
I probably wouldn't buy any of them as bar/bat mitzvah gifts.

I love them. I wonder if you'd do a basic tutorial on how you make them - or just measurements and the general idea (how you applique etc.)

They are wonderful.

The Calico Cat said...

I would only have a hard time with the pink one... The blue would be a stretch as a gift.

BTW My word verification was almost "lech lecha."

Handmade in Israel said...

I love the, Andi! Tell that store to get with it! Personally I like the black and white one the best. The smaller florals would appeal to the older crowd. I see so much conservative stuff in the Judaiaca stores, something like this make such a refreshing change!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm not jewish but I would (hypothetically) buy nr 3 for my mother, looks conservative and ordered but still has a nice feminine touch, nr 5 for me, I love pink, nr 6 for my husband who loves black and I just couldn't see him with any of the others. My guess is that my mother would go for her favourite colours and/or flowers if she would order/buy one for herself.

I am not much for religion of those kinds but if I had jewish friends and they really wished for one then this is the kind I would want to buy, of course personalised for the person or couple in question.

I think it's nice to "invade" all things and areas in life with handmade things, weither it's things like this or wedding dresses or coffin covers or bed quilts.