Friday, September 30, 2011

Some fabrics are just too pretty to cut up

So I'm making a whole cloth quilt out of Anna Maria's Loulouthi Totem print.

I had to piece two lengths together which was a challenge but I'm fairly pleased with my joinery skills....

Fabric join
Can you see the join running across the center of the image?
And for the back, another fabric from the same range.

 Backing fabric 
I plan to hand quilt this one with Perle 8 thread because I've been needing a new portable hand stitched project. (I can only handle so many hexies at a time).

The question is do I stitch around the fabric design in coordinating colours like Anna Maria did?
Or do I go for a simple cross hatch in cream thread? Or maybe pink?

Your thoughts?
Andi xx

Thursday, September 29, 2011

When quilts have babies

Often, when I'm making a quilt, I make a LOT of blocks and then arrange them to the design and size I like. This usually means left-over blocks to make little baby quilts with.

So when I made this quilt for Ella's next birthday ...

Ella's quilt on the line 

... there were enough blocks left over to make this cute little baby quilt ...

Baby vintage quilt 

(It hasn't been gifted yet so I won't say who it might be for!)

I blogged about this quilt a while ago ...

Values quilt - Front 

But I haven't yet shown you the new baby ...

This one will be sent over to the Bumble Beans Quilt Basics charity organised by the wonderfully talented and generous Victoria.

Quilt Basics provides handmade quilty love to homeless families in the NYC area. It is a wonderful cause and I encourage you to get involved if you can.

I just love making babies  ;-)
Andi xx

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More cushions ... but this time not for me

Its a busy time of the year for us. Jewish New Year begins tomorrow night and we are hosting a dinner for 26 people. Among those 26 are my niece and nephew who each have birthdays this week.

For my niece, who is turning 40, I asked her to chose a colour scheme and she chose "dark red and burnt orange".

Kaela's cushions 

I couldn't resist throwing in a touch of pink. (I just can't help myself). 
Kaela's cushions - detail 
And for her 'little' brother who is taller than both of us ... 

Route 66 cushions 

He's just moved into his own place for the first time and is rather car crazy (to put it mildly). 

"Shana Tova"  to those of you celebrating this week. And a happy new year to all! 
May the coming year be sweet, healthy and peaceful.

Andi xx

Monday, September 26, 2011

More patchwork on the bed!!

My ever-patient-and-indulgent husband!!!
We now have a patchworked artwork above the bed, a quilt on the wall, a quilt on the bed (of course) and now patchworked cushions too!

He must love me, that one  ;-)
Thanks to Malka for the hand made charm squares. Can't wait to see your new fabrics up close and personal.

Andi x

Saturday, September 24, 2011


This month in the Beehive, Tanya has asked for a Mod Mosaic block using Elizabeth's cushion tutorial.

Andi's mod mosaic block for Tanya

Rather than making cushions, Tanya plans to make a quilt for her son.

Andi's mod mosaic block for Tanya - detail

This is a fiddly and time consuming block to make so I can understand why Tanya wanted to share the load. The end result is going to be wonderful!!

Hope you are all planning a lovely weekend.
Andi x

Friday, September 23, 2011

Warning! You might be about to drool all over your keyboard!!

So my local has moved (but its still my local!)

I was in the new shop for the first time yesterday to teach my Thursday afternoon class and was blown away by how gorgeous it is looking .... after only 2 days of setting up!!

Here come the photos ......





Don't say I didn't warn you  ;-)

Amitie's new details are:

Happy shopping.
Andi xx

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

With a little help ....

I've said it many times but I love the way this crafting community helps each other out.

I had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to help out my mate Mary who has been so very good to me before!

Mary and her friend (a newbie crafter) are making a quilt for a mutual friend's wedding gift. It is HUUUUGE!!!! Constructed as a massive quarter log cabin block.

Mary's quilt - front
The quilt is so huge I couldn't get the whole thing in shot!

These 2 friends are completely nuts ... in as much as they have decided to hand-quilt this big monster quilt so, of course, it needed basting!!!

That's where I came in ....

The back is also pieced and possibly even lovelier than the 'front'.

Mary's quilt - back 

A truly reversible quilt!!

Meanwhile ... while all the basting action was happening on my dining room floor ....

Too sweet!!
Good luck with the quilting you two nutters!

Andi xx

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Friendship quilts

There is no secret in blogland about the wonderful friendships to be made via this incredible community!

I have been so blessed by the friendships I have made both on-line and IRL.

One blog friend of mine (who started out as a real-life friend) is Judy .... quilter, teacher, designer, blogger and very cool chick! She is currently collecting signature blocks from her friends using a standard block design and has asked for us to use red/white 1930's reproduction fabrics.

Knowing Judy the way I do, I know this is going to be a stunning quilt!!Thanks Judy for including me. xx

Another stunning quilt-in-the-making is the one(s) that Sarah and Katy are putting together for Amy and her daughter who are having a particularly difficult time at the moment.

I've seen blocks popping up all over blogland and flickr from all over the world.
I am thrilled to be able to contribute (although I wish the circumstances were very different).

Much love and friendship.
Andi xx