Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sewing therapy

Been stitching! Helps me to feel better.

Amanda's quilt

This quilt will be a gift for Jake's teacher after 2 years of magnificent teaching and support. Jake has come so far in the last 2 years and I give his teacher a significant chunk of the credit. We are so very grateful.

Amanda's quilt - angle

When I asked her about colours she answered that her couches were neutral coloured with red throw cushions (PERFECT!!) but then added that her bedroom was blue and yellow. "I really love blue and yellow" she added hopefully. Not so perfect in terms of the colours I like to work with but I hope I have found a combination that will work in either room.

Fabrics are mostly from Denyse Schmidt's "Picnic and Fairgrounds" range from earlier this year with a few other staples in the mix.

Amanda's quilt - detail

Attempting to channel the great Red Pepper goddess of quilting with this one. This quilt in particular!

Now on to basting and quilting. Hopefully I'll get it done soon so I can relax a little before our family birthday season is in full swing.

Happy stitching to you and yours.
Andi xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Thank you to everyone who has left beautiful and supportive comments on my last post.
I have read all your comments and have appreciated every single one ... even though I haven't responded to them individually. I hope you understand.

I am feeling ready to move forward and need to step back into crafty blog posts. Good therapy I say!

As part of my moving forward process I will lock this post to comments and will close comments on the last post.

Thanks again!
Andi xx

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Abba

I've been wondering how to write this post. I have no real answer so have decided to just write and see what comes out.

On Friday October 7th, just before he was due to leave for synagogue services for Yom Kippur, my Dad had a massive stroke. He was rushed to hospital in an ambulance where he spent the night in the Emergency Department. The next day we realised he was continuing to have strokes and had so much damage to his brain that he was not expected to survive more than a day or so.

He held on for another 3 days and passed away very peacefully, surrounded by love and support, last Tuesday. We held his funeral and memorial services yesterday.

I'm exhausted.

There's so much more to tell.... about my Dad and his amazing life.... about my family and how we have supported each other ... about my pain at the loss of my Abba (Hebrew for 'Daddy').... but this doesn't feel like the right time or place. Equally, it doesn't feel right to just press on with this blog without acknowledging events of this past week.

This memorial candle will burn in our home for seven days.  Maybe after that I'll feel ready to get back to this space.

Until then, cuddle your loved ones tight and live your life fully and with purpose. That's my plan!

Andi xx