Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thanks for the inspiration Amy!!

Recently, the lovely Amy posted this blog post about a gorgeous vintage fabric shop not terribly far from where I live. Isn't it always the way that visitors to your part of the world tend to see so much more of the great places around your home!!

Well, I realised that I would be spending the Australia Day long weekend extremely close to where this gorgeous shop is located and I made a point of heading over to visit. I wasn't disappointed!!

It was an absolute treasure trove of fabric goodness!! If you are in the neighbourhood, do yourself a favour and go visit! Jen is lovely and very accommodating! If you simply can't get there, the online shop and blog are worth visiting too!!

Now, on to other news ...... I know I have been rather absent from this space for a few weeks now and I have some excellent excuses:
  • My kids have been on summer holidays which has meant much less "screen time" for me!!
  • Any available screen time has been consumed by final tweakings of our new website. Will be launching extremely soon. Much rejoycing!!
  • The dog ate my blog post!
Hoping to be much more present in the coming weeks and months.

Happy stitching!

Andi xx

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A rather huge finish ... and a birthday boy!!

Many months ago I was on Craft Camp with my crafty besties and Lisa was doing a new craft ... needlepoint! This is a craft I have often thought of as very Nanna-ish but ...knowing what I know about quilting ... how it is perceived and how funky it can actually be .... I knew not to let my preconceptions spoil a perfectly good crafting opportunity.

Sure enough, Lisa was making a cushion cover with a very funky pop-art-ish image of a favourite comedian and it was going to be AWESOME!!

"I can do that", I thought. Next thing I was sending images to Lisa to pixelate for me (this was pre-YouPatch) and buying my supplies. I thought it would be an easy and quick project. I was so wrong!! It was indeed challenging .... and took a VERY long time. The background was particularly tedious as it was highly repetitive and BORING!!!

But I persisted and managed to finish in time for my Jake's 10th birthday. Here 'tis ...

46,656 stitches later ..... I'm very pleased with it but delighted that it is finished and I can focus on other crafts for a while.

In the meantime, happiest of birthdays to my ten-year-old, happy, smart, inquisitive, caring, delicious boy. We love you very much. xxxx

Happy stitchin'
Andi xx