Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rather pleased

... that I have finally tackled Jo's Beehive block that was due in December. (Sorry I'm late Jo).

I was rather daunted by tackling a new technique (foundation piecing) but I think it turned out OK.
Although I have a funny feeling the circle of geese should be 'travelling' the other way.

Oh well, what's done is done. Hope you like it Jo.

Also, I'm rather pleased to have received the first of my 3 Pay It Forward (PIF) gifts that I have signed up for.

A sweet little mini quilt from Michele.

With a lovely label too.

Thankyou so much Michele.

Now I really need to get on with my 9 PIF gifts.

Have a stitching weekend.

Andi :-)


Ariane said...

Your block looks wonderful. The mini quilt is so cute.

pippinsequim said...

You really should be pleased! The block looks awesome. I also tried foundation piecing for the first time this month, for another bee. I've been wanting to for a while so that I could make this circle of geese block, but I just needed that kick in the pants. Have you ever seen a whole quilt made with these blocks? I'm wondering what it would look like all put together.

Jodie said...

That block looks really difficult - no matter which way they are flying

Allie said...

I love the block you made for Jo! It's beautiful!

MichelleB said...

Andi, I love your block! The colors are great. Love that little mini waverunner, too. So cute.

Annie said...

LOVE the mini quilt, and that beehive block is AMAZING - I would be very pleased with it too.

Mel said...

Good on you Andi - I chickened out in the end and stuck with the flying geese. Perhaps one of these days ... ;)

katrina said...

I'm so glad that someone said this! I felt the same way about mine, but was looking at my block, and looking at the pattern, and they looked the same, but it felt off. hahahah

Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

AWH! You go the Mini waverunner! How darn cute is that! lucky you!