Saturday, July 9, 2011

My local

Those of you outside the US will be familiar with the struggle to buy local while online fabric prices from US based shops are so very much lower.

I also struggle with this and I do buy some fabric online.

But what the online shops fail to provide is the creative atmosphere, the friendly welcome, the fabric touchability.
I am lucky enough that my local patchwork shop is Amitie. Compared to many other shops I have been into, Amitie staff always have a friendly smile and are always happy to help you put together a project no matter how large or small. And I have noticed that recently they are working their bums off to keep prices down.
And they have some awesome classes coming up. Ever wanted to meet the mad-capped Madame Ricrac in person and learn to make one of her wonderful softies? Well you can here!! (Incidentally, you can also come along on a Thursday afternoon and take a patchwork class with me! Just saying...)

Anyway, I thought I'd show off some of my recent Amitie purchases.

Trims n things
Beautiful variegated Perle 8 thread and stunning new ribbons. (Yes, that IS Kaffe Fassett ribbon!!)
Pretty Liberty fabrics in my favourite colours.
Home Dec
Home dec fabric from the half price shelves.
perfect angles (on machine)
And an amazing new tool that helps create HSTs without having to rule a line!!!
I hope you have a lovely local bricks 'n' mortar shop like I do. And I hope you give them your support so we get to keep these wonderful shops in business.
I know the lure of online shopping is great. But maybe just put aside a percentage of your crafting budget for local shopping.

What do you say?
Andi xx


Elena said...

Great purchases!
I agree, supporting local is very important.

But you must share what that HST tool is called! It would have proved invaluable as I just marked about 200 sets of HSTs! lol

Anorina @SameliasMum said...

I'm intrigued by your HST tool. Yes it's hard to buy local when so many bargains are to be found from the US.

In saying this, I spend a small fortune at my local quilt stores as well as buy fabric online. Everyone gets my cash :-)

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Sounds great to me Andi, even if I do have to drive 50 minutes to get there. Like you say, the staff are always so friendly. I adore that Kaffe ribbon, mmm think I need another drive soon!!! Hope they keep a hst thingy for me too! xo

melissa said...

I love to buy locally , seeing fabric in the flesh, try before you buy type thing. My LQS which is the one and only is not overly friendly so i dont really like supporting them. Which is a shame.

Belinda aka beeware said...

You are very lucky to have amitie as your local. I am glad you support it. I love to support my locals & amitie!!

Tania said...

I'm such a sucker for the touchy feely approach to fabric purchasings and my local happens to be the same as your local (and luckily they're fabulous with silly questions)...

Oops-Lah said...

Well said! Yes, I also think we need to give some of our business to our local quilt shops. If we don't, they might have to close and then where would that leave us?

Cardygirl said...

Love those Liberty prints. My nearest local is 50 mins highway driving away...and has a very limited range. I try to shop in actual shops when I can...we need them to survive!I wish amitie was my local!

Unknown said...

Hi Andi,
Long time reader, first time comment.
Here here. The big call out needs to get louder. Louder I tell you, take the pledge to support your local craft stores NOW or face facts, everything you need, eg: needles, cotton, wading everything will need to be purchased on line. I would rather support my local businesses. See creative spaces and be able to buy local. Thanks Kath

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

unfortunately we have no decent local fabric shops to buy all ones fabric needs. It's online only for us ;-( We do have one great seconds fabric shop for brilliant linens and the occasional Liberties, but that's where it ends. Doesn't stop me frequenting every other week or so ;-)

Nikki said...

I am guilty of buying the odd bundle fabric online, but for every dollar I spend offshore I reckon I spend five dollars locally. (I spend a LOT on fabric, all up, when I think of not to think too much about it in dollar terms...).

I love my local (GJ's) and the personal service, the fantastic range of touchy-feely fabrics and the fact that they still have great bargains. I believe we have to support our local shops if we want to enjoy them being around for us to enjoy.

Nikki said...

Too many "enjoy's" in that sentence... you know what I mean, though....non?

Leanne said...

Great post Andi. I am lucky enough to work at my local. If people continue to buy on line quilt shops will disappear, they can not compete with cost and all the extras that go with running a shop. I never buy fabric from America.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

Well said Andi. It's a great reminder that we all need to think local and support businesses that we care about. I used to do a lot of shopping for supplies online but I've been lucky to find local sources for pretty much everything now.

I'm still a sucker for the occasional Amazon spree though!

Lorraine said...

I agree wholeheartedly Andi, about supporting local businesses but unfortunately I am an hour or more from the stores that stock the fabric I love to use.
When I began quilting ( self taught mainly ) I found most of the staff in one store less then helpful & unwilling to share advice.I often dream about opening my own , silly I know.
So for me buying online is a fact of life , although I always come back from Melbourne & Sydney with plenty in my suitcase .I think Jetstar should offer quilters special baggage allowance :)

Venus de Hilo said...

I believe in supporting my local shops, but wish their selection were better. Unfortunately none of the three fabric stores in town (two are tiny) carry many fabrics that suit my taste and style. So I end up doing a lot of fabric shopping online, too.

liz said...

That is my favourite rant. Everyone should understand that if the LQS goes, so will the classes that they run. It is definitely less fun to be in a class where you can't shop with a teacher alongside. I work in a quilt shop and it is heart breaking to watch women mooch around the store looking at fabric for hours and then leave without buying. We know only too well they are off to buy online afterwards. So short sighted. They probably buy Coles/Woolies discount milk too.

Yarn Wrap said...

thats Cloth fabric. I am so there on Monday

Staci Burruel said...

You're right. Compared to online shopping, you can interact with your fave local business owners personally to inquire about their products and services. It's not wrong to shop online, but what's great about actual shopping is that we can appreciate the works of our neighbors and let them know about it.

Staci Burruel