Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beehive - May

This month Julie requested modern log-cabin style blocks with extra 'surprises' in the logs.

Having the flexibility of adding splashes of colour within the logs enabled me to be a complete tight-arse with the fabric and I hardly wasted any fabric at all.

 I love the collection of fabrics she sent. I must find out what that green is. (Maybe a Kaffe shot cotton???).
I must have some!!!

Hope you like them Julie.

In other news, I am COMPLETELY behind with a whole lot of posts I have been meaning to do and will try to get to them in the coming week or so.

I'm off to Stitches and Craft on Friday. Wheeeee!!!!
See you there?

Andi :-)


One Flew Over said...

Lovely blocks and see you there!

Maria said...

Your blocks are really lovely and colourful.

Enjoy your Stiches and Crafts on Friday too!!!

Marit said...

Love how you played with these fabrics - your blocks are so fresh! Enjoy friday...

; )

Copper Patch said...

Love your blocks Andi and I totally agree about that green. Let me know what it is, it's gorgeous.
Ab x

Anonymous said...

Perfect! Love all the little surprises you added!