Thursday, April 8, 2010

A post of belated 'thank you's

I have been so very lucky in recent weeks and have neglected to share my luck in this forum.

So here are some of (but not all of) the lovely items I have received of late ........

Last year I won a competition over at Wendy's. There were 2 items on offer and I won the Christmas bag.
A couple of months later, Wendy was ready to send me my prize when she realised that, being a Jewish sort of a person, I might not actually want a Christmassy sort of a bag so .... knowing I am collecting scraps for a scrappy quilt .... she thoughtfully send me a selection of gorgeous scraps instead. Including lots of lovely Wonderland fabric which I adore.
Thanks so much Wendy.

More recently, I won some more scrappy pieces over at Sheridan's place.
Yes, those ARE Heather Ross camper-vans and gnomes you can see in that photo.
Thank you so much Sheridan. These will also make a stunning addition to my new quilt.

And lastly (for today), Tanya gave me one of her highly coveted 'T is for towel' tea towels in exchange for a book that I KNEW had to belong on her bookshelf.

She also included this extra tea towel which I absolutely adore.
Thanks Tanya. How good is the blogosphere!!!!

Well, that's all for now although I have plenty more treats to show you in the coming days.

Until then ....

Andi :-)


One Flew Over said...

Love the new look 'Patch Andi' x

Leslie said...

these tea towels are the T towel

Jandi said...

Those tea towels are too cute!

Janet said...

What a fabulous lot of loot. Love the teatowels alot.

Gina said...

Oh I'm having palpitations just looking at your scraps. So much scrappy goodness. Yum.

Corrie said...

that is a nice haul!!!!!!!!!!!!