Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh Beehive!!!

Some new blocks for my virtual quilting bee, The Beehive.

For Katrina who sent mainly Amy Butler 'Love' fabrics and requested mega star blocks a-la Red Pepper Quilts.

The first step in making these is to make a bunch of half-square triangles.
I didn't trust myself enough with the suggested size so I made bigger ones that I then had to trim back.

I really should have trusted myself.

Katrina's month was March but my fabrics didn't arrive until last week due to postal stuff-ups.
Don't you just hate that!!!

This was a really fiddly block to make and I have a new found respect (as if I didn't have one already!!) for the likes of Rita who can make an entire quilt's worth of these blocks. Exhausting!!!

April is Tanya's month.

She sent out fabrics in a red, green, grey and white palette and requested lots of circles!!

Here's what I've done:

This one (above) measures 12.5 inches square.

The next 2 are 6.5 inches square each.

Feels good to be up to date.

I think I'm a one-bee-at-a-time kind of girl.

How do people keep up with multiple bees and still have time for other crafting?

Andi :-)

PS I'm playing with my blog layout. Feedback?


Pat said...

Love those blocks. Such nice work on your blog, my dear. Happy Easter! Happy Quilting!

Quilts on Bastings said...

Love the blocks Andi, especially the Mega Star blocks - well done!

Jodie said...

The first lot of circles - with the fox...kills me !

Copper Patch said...

I like the layout - reads well.
Love the big circle block!
Ps. I like the idea of lots of bees but I'm def a one at a time girl too.

alobsiger said...

Really lovely blocks, Andi! Looks like your bees are having some fun! I'm a block trimmer myself -- never like to take a chance with those HST blocks.

Ariane said...

Love your bee blocks. They look amazing!!! Congratulations on being featured on Amy's blog. It is fun to get to know you better. Thanks for sharing a bit of yourself with us.

Janet said...

I like your blog layout. It's pretty (your opening pic) and easy to follow.

I really like those circle blocks. Very imaginative.

Kate said...

I love those circles!
I'm loving the new look blog too. XX

Bianca Jae Makes Stuff said...

LOVE the circle blocks!! Especially the first one with the fox! Too cute!
Blog looking fab!
Hope you are enjoying the long long weekend :)
Bianca xox

Jandi said...

Great blocks! I would have cut my squares a bit big too. Those little pieces always make me nervous.

Halfway Crafter said...

Wow, having just made a quilt with half square triangles I also have a new appreciation for the mega-star block!

Mel said...

Yep feeling totally stressed out with the quilt bee back log at the moment. Thought I'd get the mega block done today but alas, I only did my circles. Maybe tomorrow ...

(god I love the title of this post Andi!)

amylouwhosews said...

I love the layout! Is this one of bloggers new templates? Or are you tweaking your own?

I also love those mega star blocks! So pretty!

imquilternity said...

LOVE the block you made for's gorgeous!

missi mu said...

Oh goodness I suddenly feel terribly behind! Love the blocks Andi, you did some lovely work! Bec

Kelly said...

I love these blocks! Particularly the circle one with the wolf! I'm only in one bee myself, doubt I would be able to keep up with more then that either!

Janet said...

Lovely lovely blocks and the colours are very nice together in the HST one.