Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Challah Cover

We are getting married in a couple of weeks. (Not that I'm stressed or anything)

My cousin and her husband (Rabbi Ian) are coming all the way from Leeds (yes, in the UK) to Melbourne to celebrate with us (and to perform the ceremony).

As a token of our huge appreciation, I have decided to give them my 'Old Red Barn quilt along' - quilt (nearly finished now) and a matching Challah cover.

Challah is the traditional egg loaf eaten by Jews as part of the Friday night sabbath (Shabbat) meal.

The front has the word "Shabbat" appliqued on it in Hebrew lettering.

A floral quilting pattern...

and a plain cream backing

It measures 16 inches by 21 inches.

I hope they like it.

Andi :-)


Unknown said...

what great gifts. All the way from Leeds - not Leeds, UK? Coz that's where I'm from, do you think I could stow away in their luggage?

One Flew Over said...

What an incredibly thoughtful gift! Best of luck for the big day x

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

What a beautiful gift...I love the quilting you have done on it. I'm sure your cousin and her husband will love it. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding by the way. I pray that it will be a wonderful day. So special that your family will be performing the ceremony with you. All the best in the next few weeks xo

Leaves of the family tree said...

That is a fab gift. They will love it. And handmade are so much nicer. I was a nanny in London in the late 80's for a Jewish family. Challah on Friday was my favourite time of the week.

Unknown said...

Brilliant quilt ! Good luck with all your wedding plans .

robiewankenobie said...

wow. lucky rabbi. those gifts will be much appreciated.

don't stress out too much about the wedding. think of it as more of a party. a party where you shout about your love from the rooftops and then boogie down with friends and family!

dutchcomfort said...

Such a lovely gift! The quilting is gorgeous!

Best of luck for The Big Day!

Kellie said...

I'm sure they will!

Janet said...

Its terrific, they'll love it and what a great idea.

Kate said...

Hey Andi, a few weeks to go, OMG! How exciting.
Your blog and those gifts are gorgeous. How could they not love them. You sure have mastered that new machine of yours.
I have just started a craft blog to run alongside Daylesford Organics.
Oh and I met your brother and sister a few months ago. They live upstairs from my Zeida.
I hope the next few weeks run really smoothly and happily.
Love Kate XX

Liz Jimenez said...

The challah cover is beautiful, what a thoughtful and gorgeous gift!

Good luck with your wedding! Mazel tov!

Liz @ teeny tiny quilts

Cathy said...

I am sure that they will love it! Who wouldn't? I can't believe how much you achieve - you are amazing. All the best for the wedding!

Julie @ Jaybird Quilts said...

congrats on getting married... and i love the challah cover.. i may copy your design and make one for my mom!