Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The festival of Ella

Our Ella is 6 and the last month in our family has been all about HER!!

First came the invitation to see the Prep children showing off their projects for this term.

That is (apparently) a dolphin!

Then came the school circus concert.

Yes, Jake was in the concert too but my 'Festival of Jake' post will be coming in a few weeks.

Then the dancing party for her friends .... My girl is so very shy and retiring  ;)

Of course a fabulous cake was baked. (Thanks Corrie for the inspiration).

Then came her actual birthday ... a Wednesday. I took treats into the school for all the children in her class and after school a small family dinner with a candle in some donuts. 
Ironically, no photos taken that day.

Followed, on the Friday night, by a BIG family dinner with, of course, another cake!

My shy girl!

And to top it all off, a ballet concert the next day.

Happy birthday my beautiful gingie girl. It is so amazing watching you grow up into a confident, happy and rather feisty girly person.

We love you.


Unknown said...

How fun! I love the progression photos! Happy Birthday, Ella!

Joanna said...

Jaka śliczna, moja córka ma takie same włosy ... mam do nich sentyment.
Wszystkiego co najlepsze, spełnienia marzeń dla Elli :)
Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Polski

Karen H said...

What a fun time... I miss those days, as my youngest is 22! Love the beautiful red hair and brown eyes. I also have red hair and brown eyes, although the hair has faded over the years. 2 of my boys also have red hair and brown eyes! :)

Sheridan said...

Oh, yes, she is beautiful!! And what a personality!! Much like her mother :-)

Happy bIrthday, Ella!!

CitricSugar said...

That cake looks amazing...

Happy birthday to your lovely girl!

Carla said...

I just read about you in Down under quilts. I like your blog! I shall return. Wish your daughter a belated birthday from another red-head. Cute.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

What a fabulous festival of Ella. Awesome cake Andi and I too love those progressive shots. xo

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Looks like she had a great birthday week! And what a fab cake :)

Kate said...

Happy birthday Ella!!
I just love those photos with Madeline. Love them! Maybe your Mum could make you a blue coat and yellow hat to match one year. xx

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Happy Birthday Ella!
And well done Mum! - awesome cake

a very fine house said...

Happy birthday to Ella and of course it is a dolphin, anyone can see that.

Cathie said...

happy birthday little Miss! what a great way to celebrate..a whole month of celebrations.
love the progression pics and love that cake!

gorgeous pics Andi ♥

FaeryMom said...

Ella is beautiful! It looks like she had a fabulous birthday.

Are her eyes brown? Are her eyelashes dark? Just curious. I have a redhead with brown eyes & two with blue, and the brown eyes has dark lashes and the blue light.

Mary said...

You have one beautiful girl there Andi. Happy birthday Ella

Sue said...

Oh she is a cutie. Happy Birthday to her. The first cake looks so delicious. I like the progressive photos too.