Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Long overdue

I have been remiss in posting about some recent purchases, winnings and lovely gifts!!
Apologies to all for putting them in one big photo filled post.

Way back in February, I won this delicious pile of fabrics (stunningly folded) over at the lovely Malka's.


I haven't been able to even remove the ribbon yet, they look so very pretty!!

Some of you may be aware that I have been collecting Flea Market Fancy fabrics for this quilt (having been a bit late hopping on to that particular bandwagon).

So I found an EBAY listing of Jeanette's for an FMF charm pack which I quickly snapped up.
I was so delighted with my purchase that I asked her to whip up a couple more for me which she very kindly did!!


Yep!! That's the WHOLE collection!!!!

Still on the FMF front, the lovely Amy sent me this little collection of FMF scraps .... just because she thought it would make me smile.


And it DID Amy!!! Thank you so much for being a thoughtful and lovely bloggy friend!!

For that same quilt, I have decided to use some fabrics from Denyse Schmidt's other ranges. Specifically Katie Jump Rope and her newest offerings "Picnics and Fairgrounds" available at Joann's in the states (and soon to be released in Australia via Spotlight).


I snapped mine up at this lovely ETSY shop. (Thanks Rita for the heads up!!)
Unfortunately, when it arrived, one of the prints was missing but Amanda was so sweet about sending me the missing fabric (with a few shnippets of FMF in the parcel too).  :-)

Another recent purchase was this awesome book by the lovely Nikki.


Tanya is doing an awesome sew-along, stitching every single project in the book. Want to join her? Check it out here!!

Next purchase is a divine brooch from the fabulous Ms Curlypops herself!!


I have worn it on bags, jumpers, jackets and even in my hair (there is a hair clip bit on the back as well as the usual brooch pin). Thanks Cam. I LOVE it!!!!

"More?" I hear you ask!!! "Surely not!!!!"

Oh yes there is!!

The lovely Judy (bestest yarn wrapper in town) has been doing a bit of stash busting, pulled out this amazing Alexander Henry print and thought of me!!


Thank you so much Judy. I have challah covers being planned in my head as I type!!!

Also .... Jenny has given me a new product to try. (Still haven't yet but I have plans Jenny. I have plans!!!)


For those of you who are already Steam-A-Seam fans, you can get yours at Amitie!!!!

And last ... but certainly not least .... I won some more fabric!!
I'm a very lucky girl. I know!!!!


Leanne of Mount Vincent Quilts was a guest blogger over at Chasing Cottons (where Bec is doing the most wonderful Quilt Class 101. You should go and check it out!!!)

As part of the guest blog post, there was a giveaway of  a Fat 1/4 pack of the new range from Melly and Me called Where the Wind Blows. It is a lovely fabric range and I am looking forward to slicing into it!!!

Phew!!! What a long post full of so many wonderful links to wonderful people!!

Thank you again to everyone.

Andi xx


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Wow Andi what a delightful haul! I am very excited about your denyse schmidt scrappy quilt, cannot wait to see that all made up. Have fun with these gorgeous fabrics. xo

Tanya said...

Wow Andi, I have just been all over blog land checking out those links- thanks for including me as one of them. Yep, I am a bit of a 'lite steam a seam 2' fan, Kellie (don't look know) put me onto it. Love it

quilary said...

Right about now I just wish my name was Andi!

One Flew Over said...

What happened to the stash diet?



PS: I couldn't resist the new DS range either.

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Ooo love that Katy Jump rope fabric! I'm also really that to that party :( Never mind, I'll be scouring Spotlight for the new range!

Nikki said...

Gosh... what a lot of loot!!! Very honoured to see my book amongst it all!

CurlyPops said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know how on earth you quilty girls keep up with all these beautiful new ranges that get released.... but the dizzying colours make me very happy.
PS - thanks for including my brooch!

Unknown said...

Jealous much? Love the Alexander Henry. m.

cauchy09 said...

whoa. that's some major stash enhancement! can't wait to see what you do with it all...

Anonymous said...

Lite Steam a Seam 2 is fantastic....it's what Kellie (DLN) uses all the time. Looking forward to seeing what project you use it on!

Ruth said...

Wow! I have given up on flea market fancy a long time ago - being in the UK makes it even harder to find such delights. But I can't wait to see what you do with it - I will have to quilt with it vicariously through you! :-)

Live a Colorful Life said...

Fun fun FUN!!! I too have been collecting FMF, having missed it the first time around. thanks for all the beautiful pics and inspiration!

Yarn Wrap said...

Your stash can grow if someone gives it to you. No money involved. Guilt free!

It was my pleasure.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

Wow, that was fun! You've won some awesome stuff! I'm extremely jealous of your DS collection. That quilt is gorgeous! Can't wait to see yours.

Pippi creates said...

Lack of computer has meant I haven't checked blogs for ages. My first little scout around tonite and what do I find? Andi's won heaps of stuff again! Great work, some great stuff in there and love that A Henry print.,kjhg

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a load of links. off to check them out.