Thursday, May 26, 2011

Craft = Community

We had our local school fete last weekend and we decided to have a craft stall this year with lots of gorgeous handmade items. I put my hand up to coordinate the stall together with Maddy, another mum without a lot of crafty experience but with heaps of enthusiasm and a whole lot of style!

making stuff

I knew this would be a lot of work but what I didn't expect was a wonderful community experience.

making wands

We decided to have a couple of "making days" at school where mums came along to help make items for the stall.

making bunting

Some people were experienced crafters and others had never threaded a needle before.


People brought along donated materials and also donated finished items that they had knitted/crocheted/sewn/etc.

tooth fairy bags making

We made hair clips, hair ties, library bags, door stops, bunting, tissue cozies, wands, tooth fairy bags, button jewellery and HEAPS more gorgeous items.

Hair ties


But more than that, we had a lovely time, we met people we hadn't met before and we connected over the wonderful creative process!!


The day came and after a very rainy week in Melbourne, the sun gods shone on us and the weather was glorious!

craft stall table 3

The stall looked great (with a couple of PatchAndi quilts for decoration) and it was a beautiful day.

bags and aprons

We sold most of our stock and raised lots of money for the school.

craft stall table 2

While I'm not in a hurry to get stuck into more making for the school at this stage .... come next year, I look forward to another stall with more beautiful community "making days".

craft stall table 1

How good is craft?!?

Andi xx

I wanted to add a note to thank everyone for all your well wishes after my last post. It was so amazing to have such support from you all. I can't tell you how much I appreciated it.
The latest update is that Jake is happily back at school, my Dad is cantankerous as ever and I saw my surgeon today to get my stitches out and get the official all clear!!! 
Much relief! Moving on ....  xxx


Lucy said...

Great post and excellent news.
Glad everything is settling down!
xx L

Lurline said...

Best wishes Andi - nice to help, isn't it - not good days here but nice to say hello! Fondly - Lurline♥

Gina said...

Amazing work Andi. Your quilts really bring a touch of class to the stall too. Well done on co-ordinating something so big - given your recent months it must be extra-satisfying to have made it through and produced something so positive and rewarding.

Kate said...

What fun! I love stories of craft bringing people together. The before sounds like great fun and the after looks amazing. well done. x

meli B said...

Don't know how you managed to get all of that together after all you have been through. Sounds like it was a winner too. Well done.

cauchy09 said...

good to hear that everyone's doing better!

Unknown said...

Well Done on a Successful Fete..I know how much work goes into them having done many over the years...
The Stall Looked Great!

Mary said...

Glad things are on the improve for you all Andi. The pics of the stall look wonderful and it looks/sounds like it was a great day.

Nikki said...

I think there is something really special about women coming ogether to create.... tapping into that primal community thing of the sewing circle. Great when it's for a successful fund-raiser, too!!

Christine said...

Great news Andi - on the health front and the school community efforts too.

Christine xo

Kristen said...

I adore the quilt in the back of you booth. I am glad you are doing better!

Anonymous said...

Great post and you did great things. i should say that all this is looking quite fun :)

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Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Well done - on everything!!!