Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keep your eyes peeled

For this bag, stolen from Nikki's stand at the AQC this week.


It has great sentimental value!!

A pox on the thief!!!

Andi xx


Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Shame on the thief!

meli B said...

Serious? I'll be looking out for it.

Tylynn said...

Is it a one of a kind?
I will keep an eye out for it here is the good ol' USA for it.... :} ha ha
I despise dishonesty. It will come back to bite them in the butt!! Karma sucks!!

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Oh that just sucks. Stealing hand-made things is 100 times worse too!!

Lisa said...

How do they look in the mirror? That is too sad.

Nikki said...

Thanks, love. xxxn

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Some people just SUCK!
I hope it magically arrives back with Nikki!