Friday, February 11, 2011

Celebrating and remembering

Happy birthday Dad!

Dad's cake

dad's cake - with cook book
Nigella's Chocolate Fudge Cake

And the remembering bit ...

3 years ago today, on my Dad's 81st birthday, my brother-in-law John, a beautiful man, passed away from an AIDS related illness. We loved him very much.

He was a big kid at heart who would have loved to lick the bowl!

dad's cake - lick the bowl

With love,
Andi xx


Kate said...

happy birthday to your Dad Andi and to you for a few weeks back. Thinking of you thinking of John. XX

meli B said...

Sad news and happy days. Life is a mixed blessing. As for licking bowls - that's why we make cakes isn't it?

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Yummy looking cake!!!

May your day be filled with memories that make you smile and feel warm inside. Thinking of you all.