Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cushions and a question

For our school's annual fundraiser, I donated a customised cushion item for the silent auction.
I offered a cushion that included an appliqued name, a photo, etc.

The family that won the prize have 3 daughters and the winning mum was unsure how to handle the prize.
So I suggested 3 smaller cushions, each with a single initial.

Each cushion unique, but clearly part of the set.

With pretty pink Patch Andi labels on the backs.

They will be given as Christmas gifts so the girls haven't seen them yet, but Mum is pretty pleased with them.
I am too!

And now for my question ....

Yesterday I used bamboo batting for the first time.
It is lovely and soft and was a dream to quilt through.
However, I have been left with a quilt covered in bamboo fluff and there is fluffy stuff all over my house.
Has this happened to you?
Would it be worth pre-washing the batting?
I need to know as I have just bought an entire bolt of the stuff and can't face the fluff!!!!

Andi x


Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Pretty pretty cushions - what a lovely donations!

Re your question - I've not used bamboo batting before, however I can assure that although I use cotton batting, and pre-wash it, there still are large dust bunnies floating around on my hard wood floor when I quilt(at least this is easier to manage than carpeted flooring - I keep an indoor broom handy). Some fluff does end up on the quilt, and I use a lint roller to remove it. Batting fluff is almost inevitable :(

Kate said...

I am no help whatsoever in the quilting deaprtment but I adore the cushions and if its anything to go by, the one that lives in our house was the best out of all the birthday prezzies.

Lorraine said...

Andi the cushions are too sweet , someone will absolutely love them !
As for the batting issue , I've not used bamboo so I'm no help at all .
I am considering buying some silk /cotton batting though , any comments happily received.

Milly said...

I've used bamboo batting twice before but I would definately prewash as I found that the bamboo batting shrunk lots... I would guess as much as 7-10 It took the crinkly quilt look to a whole new level!

Lucy said...

I'd pre-wash Andi.
I haven't used it myself, but I assume that would defluff to an extent... it couldn't make it any worse! Also would help with the shrinking mentioned above.
Good luck with it!

Tania said...

Wow. Lucky silent auction lady!

Now you know I am completely without bamboo batting knowledge, but I could make something up if you get really desperate?

Jen said...

Love the pillows, they are adorable! I've used bamboo batting before and didn't really notice any difference between that and the cotton batting I use. But I've only used it once and it was a while ago for a baby quilt. I know I liked it. I don't pre-wash anything, so I'm no help. I could never imagine pre-washing any batting! I would think it'd be a huge mess in my washer and dryer! But what do I know! Let us know if you do end up pre-washing and how it goes! (although, i probably still will never prewash!) ;)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I've used Bamboo before, it wasn't too fluffy but i do keep a hand vacuum close by as i have 4 extra helpers to spread the fluff everywhere. I didn't prewash, i can only imagine a big clump in the bottom of the washing machine.
The cushions are beautiful, wow, lucky silent bidders!! Love Posie

felicity said...

Beautiful cushions!!

Your question about bamboo batting is timely - I had the same problem on a quilt I just finished. It was the second time I'd used the batting, but the first time with a darker backing. Fluff City. I suppose prewashing would de-fluff it but it seems like a lot of trouble, so I'll just stick with my Packing Tape Wrapped Around My Hand Sticky Side Out strategy, which was very successful. A sticky lint roller would probably work just as well.

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

Bamboo batting ???? See I'm no help at all - and I'm sure you're not surprised.
The cushions are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

I've only used bamboo batting once and as a new quilter don't have much experience with any sort of batting, but was told by sales person (from local SL store) not to prewash it as it would fall apart. Hope this helps.

Love the cushions.

Frogdancer said...

I was watching "Hey Hey" last night and saw a woman in the audience who reminded me of you.

(I know this has nothing to do with bamboo batting.)

Anonymous said...

Love your cushions, im totally into pink!
I don´t know about the bamboobatting, maybe you try prewashing with a small amount?

But I like the idea of bamboo batting, where can I buy it? Online. With oversea shippment to germany?

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

audreypawdrey said...

The pillows are beautiful! Love the initial in the middle of each one. I have never used bamboo batting, but I am interested so keep us informed with how it turns out!

amitietextiles said...

You need to check the quilt rating before you wash it as it is likely to fall apart in the machine. I am not a big fan as it can beard quite a lot.