Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Lots of people have been asking where I got my labels printed.

A lovely mum from our kinder called Lindy Barda works for Paxar / Avery Dennison

If you are in Melbourne, I can recommend you do what I did and go in and meet Lindy to see the huge range of options:
  • printed or woven
  • folded edges or fused edges
  • damask weave or another kind of weave
  • choices, choices, choices
It's good to see actual samples of all the different options to make a choice.
(Mine are damask weave with fused edges).

Lindy's contact details are: 0411699314 or

Thanks for all the lovely comments about them.

Andi :-)

PS Forgot to mention that a minimum order is 5000 labels but I got 1000 each of the 5 different colourways.
Won't be buying labels again anytime soon!!!


Lurline said...

They are just gorgeous, Andi - maybe I will have to make a phone call!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Kate said...

They are the spunkiest labels I've seen. I had the phone in my hand about to make the call and then I reread your post and saw the bit about the 5000!!!!!
Ummm....maybe not. X

Mel said...

Well I don't know Andi I reckon you'll be through 5000 labels relatively quickly. Have you seen your completed in 2010 list? And it's only the end of March you know!

They really are nice labels ;)

Willow Grove - Kez said...

Thanks for the tip on the labels. I have been looking for some. Not sure about the 5000 but as you said, yo dont need any for awhile. They look great

Corrie said...

beautiful! I fly through my labels and might look into them as they are just gorgeous, so well made and something different!

I'm sure you'll fly through them too


Julie said...

They look great Andi. I've had 100 little apparel labels made but I'm going to need more and would like something like yours that would look nice on the outside as well. Can I be rude and ask how much for 5000??

Pippi creates said...

Very nice labels there Andi, love the colours. I'm sure you'll be through the 5000 in no time. (that's actually quite a scary thought - 5000 to get through?!)

Quilts on Bastings said...

Great labels Andi and thanks for the information. Not sure if I could work my way through 5,000 labels though!

Katherine said...

Thanks for sharing the info on your great looking labels, Andi. I'm at the point of needing some myself...

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Fabulous labels Andi, great colours you have chosen too xo

Jenny said...

so cool. Thanks for the info

Annie said...

LOVE those labels Andi, but 5000 might just be a little too many for little ol' me!! They're so proffessional

Belinda aka beeware said...

Wow...5000..that sounds scary!
Lovely labels tho

Jodie said...

Thanks for the great label review... I am really unhappy with the ones I am currently using and am definitely thinking of contacting Lindy to find out more..

Thanks - Jodie :)