Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lucky girl!!

So, I went to the Amitie sale a week or so ago and did some shopping for Kate because she was stranded with the kids and no car.

Little did I know, I was shopping for Amy and Sheridan too.
Look what they sent me to say 'thanks':

Sheridan (left) sent me some yellow Pez (because she is thoughtful and kind) and some Babushka fabric all wrapped up on some lovely ribbon and a sweet card.
Amy (right) (also thoughtful and kind) sent some funky squares fabric and some Babushka ribbon AND a card with her own softie creation on it.
(Funny how they both sent Babushka stuff. Love it!!)

Thanks to both of you. Anytime you want me to go fabric shopping on your behalf, just give a yell!! I had a ball!!

Also, here are some fabrics I've pulled out for a new quilt.

Quite a few reproduction vintage style fabrics, all small prints. Hmmm .... what could I be planning?

I plan to take them on our Noosa holiday in a couple of weeks so I'll be hand piecing this one. (Another hint perhaps??)

Any suggestions for crafty things to do around Noosa?

Andi :-)


Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

What great Thank You gifts - I love the yellow Pez! I am intrigued by the fabrics you have put together for your new quilt project. Can't wait to see it progress. Unfortunately no help for Noosa crafty goodness. Have not been there yet!


One Flew Over said...

I am thinking hexes...those fabrics are just lovely. Sheridan and Amy are VERY kind, lots of lovely goodies there!!

Lurline said...

Have fun in Noosa - you are going at a lovely time of year! Can't help you with shops these days, but I bet there are lots there. Love your chosen fabrics!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Unknown said...

Lovely Gifts you got...I am only 2hrs nth of Noosa...I Love Noosa...there are lots of shops in the main st & if you can get to Eumundi Markets on a Weds or Sat you will love them...they are crafty ones...
Have a Great holiday...
love the fabrics you have pulled looks like a colour wheel...

Kate said...

You are brave. Fabric shopping for other people is such a risk. Bren often video calls me from fabric/wool shops because I am such a control freak. No idea about Noosa it's been years since we've been there. We are heading further North soon and I'm not taking any risks and using half of my baggage allowance on craft supplies.
ps I still can't work out where to enter my email.

Cath said...

that will teach me for no fingers near any pulses - what amitie sale? Dang? Have no idea what you are up to with your hands or all those gorgeous threads - will we find out soon??

Amy Badskirt said...

I'm guessing you're doing a dresden plate in rainbow colours. I'm no help with noosa, I'm afraid. Thank you again for helping us!

Katherine said...

Hi Andi! Some congrats are definitely in order. I've been getting behind with my blog reading, but I was delighted to read of your recent marriage. The photos you shared are lovely. Fun to feel a part of your special day even though I'm so far away.
Wishing you and your handsome man, many wonderful years together. The four of you make such a lovely family. Happiness to you all!

Gayle Bong said...

Hi Andi,
I am loving your blog header (How'd she do that?) the fabrics you chose for another quilt (Can't wait to see what you do with it.) and the skirt and top for your daughter. (Does she wear it now??)

Victoria said...

What a beautiful array of fabrics. Not sure what you are planning, but I know it will be lovely :0)

Annie said...

I am loving that Dick and Jane quilt in your header. Wish I was at the Amite Sale

Anonymous said...

Thanks again! Hilarious that we both sent Babushka things!

Noosa! Favourite place (nearly) in the whole wide world.

At Eumundi markets, keep an eye out for Fiona and her lovely wares. You can see what I bought in January from her here:

The patchwork shop at Eumundi had closed down since last year which was a shame.

There is another shop, Patchwork Angel, about 30 minutes drive south if you have a car.

There's nothing to speak of, craft wise in Noosa, although if you run short of supplies, there is a craft shop at Tewantin on the main street that has a very small selection of fabrics, but also carries embroidery floss, needles, etc that you may need.

There are a few other fabric shops within a 45 minute drive of Noosa
that I haven't checked out, but if you do, and find anything lucrative...remember I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Oh and don't forget! Noosa is fantastic for op-shopping. They are everywhere in Noosa!