Monday, April 20, 2009

Noah's Quilt

My girlfriend in Canberra recently had her second baby boy.
I wish we could go and visit but the distance is too prohibitive.

Instead, I have made the new baby, Noah, a quilt for playing on, sleeping under or just looking at.

The design idea comes from Alissa who makes lots of these cute peekaboo babies quilts.
They can also be found in her Etsy shop.

Big brother Ethan (aged 2) might enjoy it too.

The back is from the gorgeous Katie Jump Rope range.

I have stiple quilted it which makes for a super comfy and snuggly quilt.

And I even made biased binding because Judy, I have learned, is always right.

Have a great week everyone and keep stitching.

Andi :-)


Linda said...

What a great baby gift! I love the patches in the middle of each block.

Sarah Fielke said...

Cute Andi, lucky friend :)

Kerri said...

oh, i love this!! what a fun quilt!

Jacoline said...

It is so lovely you can be proud of yourself!!!

Julie said...

Love it. Gorgeous gift. Nice pic on Jodie's blog too!!

Danielle said...

love it!

Unknown said...

That is absolutely stunning - and very inspiriting, not that I have your skill or talent to do the same :)