Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Succah

It is nearing the end of the Jewish festival Succot

Dan and I both attended Jewish day schools and had the opportunity to experience our Jewish tradition in a very real way at school.

However, we have decided to send our children to the local state school which has a range of advantages ... but this means that we have to be very considered and deliberate about the Jewish education we give our children at home. 

It is the tradition during Succot, to build an outdoor dwelling / hut, in which the family eats for about a week  (and some people even sleep in them). They are decorated in all kinds of ways and are a great excitement for the smallest people in the house.

So, this year we built our second family Succah. Our first one was last year and was a bit of a disaster. It got blown over, taking numerous pieces of furniture and a couple of terracotta pots with it. 

This year had to be an improvement.

Here are some shots of us putting up our Succah:

And here are the kids making some decorations:

Our first meal:

And our various guests (It is a lovely tradition to invite guests to share in your Succah).

Andi :-)


Simon said...

Hi Andi,
Did you really build a succah?

Andi said...

Yes Simon, we really did.
Do you like it?

Simon said...

Yes i do like it!
Simon Aarons again.

Simon said...

How did you build it?
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Anonymous said...

It's a great succah!

thunder road said...

Hi Andi, It was lovely to meet you yesterday at Amitie. I'm sure you'll be kept busy with your latest project! I love your banner, is that a quilt you've made?

Andi said...

Yes, that's my quilt. If you have a look at my slideshow of 'stuff I've made' you can see a picture of the whole quilt on the wall of our 'play room'.
See you again soon!

Simon said...

What a great succah!
Simon Aarons.

Kellie said...

Good on you for enriching your children's lives with such a beautiful culture! Looks like lots of fun. That little boy in the last shot could be my Benjamin! :)

thunder road said...

Hi Andi, I think if you're using feedburner as a link/feed to me it's not working. Try typing the url into your links page: go to Layout, then page elements (if that's what you use....) I'm so backward with all this stuff, i need a five year old to hold my hand while i navigate techno stuff. And a wedding!!!! How exciting. We did it (The Wedding Thing) only a few years ago and my best suggestion is keep it as simple as possible!! It's a lot of fun! But exhausting!