Thursday, October 2, 2008

A tentative first post.

Hi. I'm Andi.

I have recently become fascinated with the world of crafty blogs and have finally decided to put myself out there with my very own..... gulp.

I have been patching for the past ten years but first learned to patch when I was about 8 years old. My grandmother (Mama) was hand stitching a beautiful "Grandmother's Flower Garden" design and showed me the ropes. This was the only quilt she ever made and there is quite a story to tell about it..... But I'll save that one for a later post.

I hope to use this blog to document my quilt making and share some of my day-to-day life with others who might be interested. I work part time in health care, have a lovely partner and 2 delicious children. Life is pretty jam-packed but I make an effort to fit in my crafty passions. Now I just have to find an extra bit of time to do a bit of blogging. No problems!?!

Well, that's my first post. Not so hard. Next time I might try to add some photos.

Bye for now.

Andi :-)


Dan Prager said...

Congratulations on joining the blogoscenti.

Now show us your monkeys!

Kellie said...

Well look who I should stumble across!!!!!! Nice to see you! Now that title over there that you have given me ... oh how can I ever live up to that????? Beautiful banner! And I too would like to see your monkeys! Did I create a monster? :)

Andi said...

How can you live up to that title? Just keep doing what you're doing!!!

I'm still feeling a bit tentative about this blog thing so its lovely to have your support.

I'll work on getting some pics up in the next week or so.

Thanks for visiting!! Come again soon :-)

Louise said...

Hi Andi, great to see you have started a blog - then we get to see all your gorgeous work! I absolutely LOVE your Grandmother's Flower Garden and I'm really glad that Judy talked you into hand quilting it. I'm not sure if you have disabled your comments on your other posts or not? I look forward to seeing more!! Welcome to blogging! Louise x