Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quilts at long last

I think I misplaced my blogging mo-jo (is that called blo-jo?) so haven't posted in a couple of months. So much has happened since my last post that it's hard to know where to start.

I think for this blog post I'll show you some of the quilts that I have loved seeing of late. I'm sure you will have seen many of them in other people's posts .... people who actually post regularly and when the news is still current :P

First up .... Quiltcon: Feb 2015 (Yes, that long ago!!)

"Face #1"
I adore this quilt by Melissa Averinos. I wasn't the only one.  It was awarded a Judge's Choice award.

"Building Bridges" by Jacquie Gering
This quilt tells the story of Jacquie's move to a new city and a new life.
"Building Bridges" detail
Check out the phenomenal quilting!!

"Rainbow Remix" by Rebecca Bryan
Love the richness of color.

"Self Portrait, Year Two (Beneath the Surface)" by Penny Gold
Penny wrote about the experience of losing a child and then, after time, being expected to get on with life's 'normal' but feeling that 'normal' has changed forever.
I was incredibly touched by this piece.
You can read a wonderful interview with Penny here.

"I like big blocks and I cannot lie" by Allison Chambers

"[The American Context #68] Double Elvis" by Luke Haynes
Coolest quilter on the planet

"CPU" by Catherine Jones
Dan took a particular shine to this quilt. I wonder why? ;-)
"The Rabbit Hole" by Nydia Kehnie
Beautiful composition

"The Rabbit Hole" Detail
Unbelievable quilting!

This was such a tiny selection of QuiltCon quilts. It was an extraordinary show where I loved every single piece. This is not a usual thing for me.

To see the collection of major winners from the show, click here. Some absolutely stunning works!!


After QuiltCon, Dan and I were lucky enough to be invited to Luke Haynes' studio to discuss quilts and technology and other cool stuff.

Luke was good enough to show off some of his incredible work:

Thanks Luke for a fun and inspiring afternoon!!


More recently, Australia had its largest annual quilting event, AQC, in Melbourne. Lucky for me that's my home town!

Here are a few of the wonderful quilts from the show:

"Don't mess with my rainbow (or with my unicorn)" by Michelle Law

"Green and gold legend. The Don" by Milos Vucic

"The Grazier" by Anne Robinson
This was a finalist in the True Blue challenge and was made using a YouPatch pattern.

"Subdivision" by Kathy Thorncraft

"It's all about curves" by Jo Dixey
Yes it is!
My Audrey also popped in to the show ;-)
So I have been fortunate enough to have seen a huge selection of stunning quilts lately. So much inspiration! I have certainly been inspired and have been rather busy sewing. Will show you what I've been working on in future blog posts.

Big love and stitcheries.
Andi xx

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