Wednesday, March 18, 2015

QuiltCon - meeting all the quilty people!!

What an absolute buzz it was to meet so many wonderful people in Austin last month!! Many people I had corresponded with online, people who had made YouPatch quilts, so many people I have admired over the years!!

WARNING: there will be a LOT of photos in this blog post and I will be in most of them :P
So if you have had enough of seeing me and my pink hair, just focus on the OTHER gorgeous people in the pics ;-)

First up, the Aussies!! In the lead up to QuiltCon, I joined a FaceBook group called "Aussie QuiltCon Contingent". Such a gorgeous and supportive group of women. Some old friends, some new. We shared our travel plans, our excitement and of course much silliness! What a crazy bunch travelling to the other side of the globe to play with quilts and fabric!!!

Here is most of the group (there were even more but some couldn't make it that night) from Australia and a few New Zealanders too. We met for dinner the night before QuiltCon started and had a fabulous time getting to know each other in the flesh!! The restaurant staff were a little overwhelmed by us all but handled the group with great class!!

During the show I was overwhelmed by offers from this crazy group to help with the stall, bring us food and drink, cover for me while I snuck off to a lecture (thanks Lorena)! I am so thankful to be part of such a wonderful and generous Aussie quilting community.

Another FaceBook group I have joined is called QDAD (Quilt Design A Day). Another creative online community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of modern quilt design via daily practice. Group members (there are over 700 now) who were also at QuiltCon got together for a group dinner which was also a heap of fun!

So now, I thought I'd introduce you to some of the YouPatch quilt makers we met at the show ....


Matt and Stacey you already met in my last blog post! They were so generous with their time, helping us out at daily demonstrations and even handing out YouPatch cards on the show floor. If you ever get to Vancouver, be sure to look these guys up! I certainly will!!


This is Tiffany who made the fabulous Pixelated Panda quilt. (Blog post here).

This is Lauren who made the Sparty quilt. (Blog post here).

Kristi (AKA Miss schnitzelandboo), is super sweet. She not only made a YouPatch pixel quilt, she turned it into a Flipagram. (see below).

Colleen is working on this pixel pattern of her gorgeous dog!

Melissa is the proud owner of "Max - the cutest dog in America" ;-)

And Aly has made this gorgeous "Spencie" pixel quilt!!

But of course .... there were even MORE fabulous people to meet at QuiltCon!!! Wait for it ......

Here I am with:

Jacquie Gering, queen of the Modern Quilt Guild and most passionate quilter ever
Caro Sheridan, queen of pixels and other cool stuff
Katy Jones, busiest crafter on earth! Quilter, designer, author, publisher, all the crafty stuff!!
Dave from Punkin Patch Designs (wish I'd also grabbed a pic of the lovely Heather, the other half of the team)
Anne Sullivan, QDAD queen, Creative Director at PlayCrafts and also rainbow haired crafty chic
Gillian Smith, also a QDAD queen, Technical Director at PlayCrafts and generally lovely lady
Also, Dan xx
Melissa Averinos, painter, writer, quilter, artist!
Encyclopedia Brown, knitter, quilter, NYC chic and so fun to meet IRL after years of online connecting!
Victoria Findlay Wolfe, DWR quilt specialist, maker of fabric,  and she's coming to Australia next year ... YAY!!
Andres Rosales, modern quilter , MQG board member and my new online friend!!!
Melody Miller, fabric designer, quilter and pink-haired beauty!!
Heather Ross, author, illustrator, designer, quilter, all the things!
Lissa Alexander. Yep!! I met Moda Lissa!!
Vanessa Christenson, cuteness personified!
Denyse Schmidt! Yep. DENYSE SCHMIDT!!!!!!!
Luke Haynes. My quilting hero!
There were so many more amazing people that I was lucky enough to meet. But I didn't manage to photograph everyone. Le sigh! Needless to say the atmosphere at the show was incredible and everyone was so kind and generous. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity!!!

Of course, the bestest person I got to hang out with at QuiltCon was this guy.

What an adventure we had together my sweetheart! Let's keep having glorious adventures together forever. Love you xxx

Stay tuned for the next QuiltCon post ... the one you've all been waiting for ... the quilts!!!!

Until then, much love and stitching.

Andi x


Jess @ Elven Garden Quilts said...

I got all sentimental and goose bumpy reading this post! It was so great to meet you at QuiltCon Andi, and your post perfectly captures the energy and insanity that was QC. Hope we meet there again one day xx

jacquie said...

And guess who I met and got to hang with...YOU!