Friday, June 6, 2014

Local lovelies!

It's so great living in a city with so many lovely little local stores, galleries and markets. I know that many cities around the world have a thriving arts community but I feel so grateful to live in Melbourne where the unpredictable weather means we have to seek indoor entertainment options. And in Melbourne, that means great food, festivals, film, theatre, comedy and CRAFT!!!!

I was CERTAIN I had done a blog post about the Little Shop before but I just can't find it!! But I did find some old blog posts about the Mulgrave markets and, of course, Amitie. In addition to these gorgeous local crafty attractions, I thought I'd show you a couple more today.

Breslin Gallery and Cafe is the brainchild of local artist, Anthony Breslin. He has taken a local church in my neighbourhood and converted it into a gorgeous space filled with beautiful artwork (his own as well as a selection of other talented people) and has installed a cafe that serves great coffee and a delicious selection of wholesome foods. Here are some pics ...

A gorgeous piece by Mr Breslin himself.

A patchwork coat!! Made from all recycled materials.

I love how the artist, Sara Catena, has actually embroidered onto the canvas.

And so much more!!!!

And more recently, an enterprising school mum has opened a new shop called Amarillo Plus, selling a gorgeous selection of artisan wares. She has pieces that appeal to kids and adults alike and a ton of stunning home-wares. I wanted to take everything home with me ... or perhaps it would just be easier if I simply moved in to the shop!! ;-)

Check it out .....

So much gorgeousness!!

I hope you are all looking forward to a great weekend. Get out and explore your local area!!

Andi xx

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Jenny from Ohjoh said...

oh 'sigh' Andi, I miss Melbourne.
What local loveliness!