Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Craft Camp

I LOOOOVE going away on craft camp. 

Two whole days of stitching, sharing, eating, drinking and fabulous company!!

Last weekend was no exception ....

Lots of fabric:

Loads of yummy food:

Pickles have become a staple of our menu!

Soup is the best winter lunch!!

Colorful and yummy!!

We even had patchwork pie!!

Of course we made lots of stuff too:

This was Tina's second ever quilt! So gorgeous!!

Lisa is expecting a new baby niece/nephew. 
Mary's beanie had 'glow-in-the-dark' thread all through it!!
Judy's hand stitching was gorgeous!
Tina and Louise concentrating hard!
Helen's plan was to start working through her yarn stash!

I made some stuff too!!

Such an incredible weekend. A shame it had to end. Wanna go again!!

Andi xx


meli B said...

Looks like fun. Where did you go?

Sally said...

So much crafty goodness. Love it all.