Sunday, December 8, 2013

What YouPatch can do

I had a lovely day with my crafty group of friends yesterday. In addition to lots of sewing, chatting, eating and laughing, a few of us played with some images on my laptop using the YouPatch software to create some pixel quilt patterns.

Thought I'd share some of the images with you.

Rainbow Skull pattern image only

Perfect Pineapple pattern image only

Fabulous Frida pattern image only

Sally pattern image only

Pink Dahlia pattern image only

Some are more complex than others. Some use lots of colors. Others only a few.

It is really so much fun playing with the software and changing up the colors.

I think people are really going to have some fun with this website. (At least I hope so).

Andi xx


Yarn Wrap said...

Off to get me some Kona to have ago at making up my dog

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Can't wait to play with this!!

Lisa said...

Love the pineapple! and the flower. I want to give this a whirl too!

Kate said...

Such a good idea Andi, good luck with it all!

Jo H. said...

This is an absolutely brilliant idea! I'm a beginner quilter and have been so stuck trying to find modern patterns I like that seem do-able. I just downloaded your free Marilyn sample, and as well and the pixelating just looking downright fab, I think your instructions and explanations are fantastically clear too. Eagerly looking forward to using this when you launch it!

Jess said...

Famous musicians perhaps, rockstars etc.
Although I do love the suggestion of retro video games characters - pacman for example!