Saturday, December 28, 2013

Photo-realism with YouPatch

Thanks to the lovely Abbe for the feedback about YouPatch. Ab runs a fabulous craft retreat in Woodend, Australia and had this to say after discussing YouPatch with some friends at the retreat recently.

Very cool idea but [we are] not into Marilyn or the pop art look. We are all intrigued with the product but thought maybe demonstrating with an actual photograph or something with the more detailed pixelating might be better. The Groucho and Marilyn pics are somewhat similar.

To be honest, I think I had gotten carried away with the pop-art look because I love it so much and had therefore neglected other types of images.

So, in response to Abbe's feedback, here are some more photorealistic pixelated images generated with the YouPatch software.

Quilters do love their cats!

And dogs!!

Landmarks are very do-able.

Amy Farrah Fowler: My favorite 'Big Bang Theory' character

The King

The 11th Doctor with that trademark bowtie
It is worth noting that these images often work best at the highest resolution with a large number of colors. This makes for a more complex quilt pattern but still absolutely 'do-able' using the very quilter-friendly YouPatch patterns. However, some images (like the doggy, above) can still be pixelated beautifully at a lower resolution.

With such a new product / service, feedback like Abbe's is invaluable for us and we invite anyone with advice/suggestions to contact me at We are constantly aiming to improve what we have to offer at YouPatch (due to launch in the New Year) and can only do this if you let us know what you think!!

So, what do you think? Which 'Doctor' would you pixelate?

Andi xx


meli B said...

Very cool idea Andi. I actually like the pop art ideas more because you can limit your colour palette but I can see the appeal of the cats and dogs etc. I guess it can be applied to lots of things so people just need to be imaginative. Good luck with it all and Happy New Year xx

trash said...

That's what we love - constructive criticism. I love that there is scope for both the photo-realism and the pop art/more arty type project. How would it work on non-face images, ie landscapes or such?