Saturday, November 30, 2013

My new (to me) craft

On an excellent craft camp a few months ago, my friend Lisa was working on a very cool needlepoint which is destined to be a cushion depicting Bill Hicks.

I loved it and decided that I would also try my hand at needlepoint with a cushion for my son's tenth birthday. He is a massive Harry Potter fan so the choice of subject was easy.

Here's my progress so far ....

Harry potter needlepoint

The actual face was fun to work on and I progressed quickly but once I got to the background (Gryffindor) colored stripes, it became very tedious. I am so bored with this project but have to finish it by January 6th.

And so I plod on!!

Have you tried your hand at any new crafts this year?

Happy stitching.

Andi xx

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