Friday, November 29, 2013

Houston loot!!!!

It has taken me a while to get around to photographing my Houston haul but here it is in all it's glory!

Of course, I bought fabric. Der!!






I am extremely crap at recording the names of the fabrics as I go ... so there are some you will surely recognise and others you won't but they are all delicious, if slightly anonymous!

To my delight, there were a number of antique quilt dealers and I bought myself 3 quilt tops. 

Why only the tops and not finished quilts? 

Two reasons: 
1. This way, I get to quilt them myself and feel I have had some part in their restoration and 
2. They fitted more easily into my suitcase :P


This one was very cheap due to the less than perfect (to say the least) stitching and piecing. It is very buckled in places and completely torn in others but I loved the colors and the general feel of it so she became mine. My plan is to cut out the good bits and re-use them in a new quilt. Not sure exactly how yet but my little brain is tick ticking away ....


This one is a beautifully hand-stitched queen size Dresden Plate quilt top. I adore the original 1930's fabrics. Looking forward to quilting this one!!


There are 4 x 4 blocks in this one. 



And my absolute favourite was this red and white beauty. A perfectly hand-stitched Drunkards Path ... also queen sized. This one was dated C.1900 - 1920.


Would you have a look at those perfect little stitches!!!!!

And lastly I bought some books.


To be perfectly honest, only Victoria's book on the left was actually purchased in Houston. The 2 books on Hawaiian quilting were purchased in Hawaii the following week. (I know .... I am extraordinarily lucky!!)

So that's it. My Houston haul!!

Back soon with some actual crafting!!

Andi xxx


Anne said...

What a great collection, it could have been my choices exactly!!

meli B said...

I think you may be a bit busy for a while there!
Nice selection of presents for your self. The Harry stitching is really cool. Very true to life.

Terri said...

Way cool - the Harry Head! (Can you tell, I'm a fan, too, only I have been 10 for 55 years.)
Love the tops!!! Especially the red DP. My favorite pattern, and my favorite color... you did luck out to get that one. (Imagine the awful little iron used to press the seams in the days of their making to tops. Ugh!)
I figure you have had your Christmas and Birthday gifts all rolled into your purchases. Thanks for sharing with us.