Sunday, November 28, 2010

A very special quilt

A while back, I gave you a peek at a commission I was working on using printed text.

Well, I couldn't show you much more than that, as the piece was destined to be used as a chuppah at a wedding and I didn't think it was right to show you the quilt before it was seen by the wedding party and guests.

That time has passed now, so I can reveal all.

The idea behind this chuppah was to create a communal piece with input from many of the wedding guests.
Guests were asked to send in a message for the bride and groom. I then formatted the messages in a variety of fonts and printed them onto printable fabric sheets.
As well as messages, a selection of black and white wedding photos of the couple's parents and grandparents were included.

These sheets needed to be soaked to set the image.

Once they were dry, they could be pieced together.


I was nervous about pin basting this quilt as the printable fabric is very tightly woven and the pins really do leave little holes in the fabric. So I compromised and spray basted the central part of the quilt and pinned the regular white cotton of the border.


Then I quilted and quilted and quilted. Straight line quilting in the central part and stippling in the border.


You can really see the quilting with the light behind the chuppah.

light behind

Around the border of the quilt are appliqued words in hebrew that roughly translate as:
Song of joy and gladness, song of bride and groom.

Bound in black satin:

Finished and folded:


And here it is in use.


Mazal tov Len and Davina.
Thank you for allowing me to play a part in your special day.

Andi x


Kate said...

WOW! That is magnificent Andi!
They must have been thrilled.
I love that the women are holding it up too.

Cath @ chunkychooky said...

ANDI!! that is brilliant- what a beautiful keepsake, how gorgeous it is. Did they absolutely love it?

Margaret said...

What a beautiful idea. I have a poster with well wishes on it from Victoria's baptism and I have been looking at it wondering if I could make it into a quilt for her if I printed the well wishes onto fabric.

red in oz said...

it looks fabulous finished Andi! I'm sure they loved it.

Christie said...

That is so special Andi & I'm sure it will be treasured for generations.

Beautiful work

Sue Niven said...

Just fabulous!

liz said...

Mazel tov to the happy couple. I am sure that will be a family heirloom. My kids are getting old enough that I should be thinking of making a family chuppah. What a good idea.

Tania said...

You came up absolute trumps. (But I can imagine the relief in being able to hand over that particular piece of perfection!).

Lucky Duck Dreams said...

What a beuatiful and special quilt! Great job! And all that white! So brave and challenging to work with and quilt!

cauchy09 said...

wow, that is an amazing quilt!

Anonymous said...

This is just stunning! A beautiful treasure for the new little family! We made our chuppah from woven ribbons (before my blogging days ::sigh::) and this made me smile thinking back on ours! Mazel Tov to you and the new family!

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

That is so special :)

Jen said...

That is awesome! What a fantastic family keepsake! It turned out gorgeous!

Frogdancer said...

You are an absolute quilting GENIUS!

meli B said...

What an amazing idea and gift for the couple. I love the whole process. Pure genius.

One Flew Over said...

Fantastic! Something to be treasured x

Caroline said...

So special, so original and so much from the heart - a fantastic wedding gift.

sophie said...

That IS special, wow! what a beautiful job Andi.

felicity said...

Wow - magnificent is really the only word I can think of. What a treasure!

Kirsty said...

Beautiful work Andi!

Katherine said...

Stunning and special, Andi. The happy couple will cherish this beautiful gift all the more as the years pass.

Karen Lewis Textiles said...

that is just stunning, Andi. howmuch do i wish i had got married under a chuppah like that? next time! A friend of mine had a very clever idea of asking all the guests to do something on a 10cm piece of fabric each and then she had them sewn together to make a stunning and original chuppah. They now use it as a beautiful and personal wall-hanging. Mazeltov to Len and Davina and am sure they get jsut as much pelasure out of theirs x