Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Calling All Quilters!!!

Here is a sneaky peek at what I've been working on lately .....

..... something a bit different!

Well, I need your help and advice ... please!!

The centre panel of this 'quilt' is a 1m square piece of Vietnamese silk which I plan to quilt in a rather intricate design.

Here is my dilemma:
  • How do I baste this without leaving pin holes all over the silk?
  • How do I transfer my design onto the silk for quilting in such a way that I'm not left with loads of horrible marks.
EDIT: Looking through some crafting forums I have solved this second dot point ...Use Glad Press 'n Seal. Amazing product!!!

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Yours in patches,
Andi :-)


Anonymous said...

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Beautiful pictures.

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Good luck.

bettyninja said...

Good- I'm glad you found something because I haven't an idea about it. Although, I am very intrigued by what you are creating. can't wait to see more

Louise said...

I know what that is and it's looking really good!! I have no idea how to help though - have you asked Jenny?

Lulabell said...

That looks like is going to be beautiful! Cant wait to see what it is and hope you worked your dilemma out.

Anonymous said...

I love it Andi, Orange is one of my fave colours, and that orange is fantastic, cant wait to see the end result.
Are you still getting to Judys Tues nite class?? I miss getting to classes and yet to find some quilting buddies here in Wang, although met someone nice this morning at storytime of all places who I will catch up with.
Ren xx

Anonymous said...

oooooh, this looks intriguing!! Just love the vividness of the colour and CAN NOT wait to see it - I think I am gonna LOVE it!!

Anonymous said...

I think it might be safest to thread baste this with a fine needle and thread, rather than safety pins - it would really depend on how you were going to quilt it though.

Some people suggest that thread basting can get caught on the foot of the machine as you quilt, if you are using the machine. i have thread basted and used the machine, but I am no quilting expert - I'm much more into making the quilt tops :-)

Good Luck, it is such a beautiful colour.