Friday, August 7, 2015

Stand back and squint, Harpo

A new (at least for me) concept for pixel quilts. I created a two-color design in YouPatch and then used highly patterned fabrics (instead of my usual Kona solids) in two primary color ways. I think it makes for a more unusual end result. 

Many people struggle to see the image but I tell them to stand back and squint and that usually helps. Also tricky is the fact that many people don't know who Harpo is!! If you haven't heard of Harpo Marx before, I suggest that you go and watch some classic footage of him. (Like this!) He is a genius at physical comedy and a brilliant musician to boot. 

Still struggling to see the image?

Does that help?

I'm really enjoying experimenting with different ideas and techniques in these pixel quilts. There are so many possibilities!!

If you are playing with different pixel quilt ideas, I'd love to see your work. Please send pics!!

Big stitchy love to you.
Andi xx

PS Have you come here via Amy's blog post? If so ... WELCOME!! It's lovely to have you visit. Please come again :-)

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Unknown said...

Love it.
I'm making the portrait of my kids with your pattern. It's great. Jackie