Monday, March 21, 2011

My Beehive month - solids fever!!

I definitely have 'Solids Fever'!!!


This month is my turn to send out fabric parcels to the lovely Beehive ladies. They will be making me quilt blocks that will coordinate with my Echino wall hanging above my bed:

Echino canvas - detail

I have asked for blocks like the ones in this gallery. But I've asked for BIG ones .... 20 inches square!!

With one block from each group member and five made by me, I should end up with a quilt 80 inches square .... perfect for my bed!!

And before I forget, here are the blocks I made for Julie in March.

Andi's block for Julie 1 (straight)

Andi's block for Julie 2 (straight)

Her quilt will be amazing when it's all done!!

I'm really loving this quilting bee thing but I'm glad I'm only doing 1. Enough is enough!!

Have a stitchin' week.

Andi xx


Lurline said...

Would love to know if you have a favourite in solids, Andi! I find it very difficult to include solids in quilts at times, but it would be very economical and they are very showy!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Amy said...

I am loving solids also! I purchased a Kona color card and want a bolt of every color.thank you for sharing,Amy

meli B said...

I have some of that Echino fabric. Can't wait to see what you get so I can steal some ideas!

anhaga sae / lisa said...

Oh gorgeous, those solids are fabulous!!