Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello sunshine!!

I've missed you blue sky

The trees have missed you

The blossoms welcome you

The flowers are so pleased to see you

And my vege patch is itching to be planted and warmed by you

I'm so glad you're back sunshine. I can't wait to get warm again.

Andi :-)


Clair said...

Wasn't it beautiful today! A real spring day at last.
Still deeply envious of your camera.

liz said...

Thanks for sharing your little secret. Where do you find these things in the first place? Awesome.

bec said...

Wasn't it great, I pottered around in the house with NO heating on and the back door open, amazing!

Unknown said...

Our green and flowers will be going away soon. I will miss them, but am glad they will be in your part of the world.

Kate said...

Oh thank goodness there is sun.
I was tempted to move here and never go home.
Sun certainly makes it a bit easier.

Leslie said...

enjoy your beautiful spring.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

If only the lovely sunshine would hang around a little longer! C'mon on Spring, come and stay with us.

eva said...

i L-O-V-E the "blue" photo!!


Fenland Textile Studio said...

Thanks you for sharing the wonderful sunshine and blossom you have. It's a cold, rainy afternoon here in England!