Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Have you met Jen?

I first met Jen when our kids were in swimming lessons together.
We soon discovered each others' crafty sides and enjoyed having crafty catch ups each week while the kids swam.

Jen's blog is called Oh Joh and she is a great maker of aprons, clothes, cushions and other crafty delights. 

Jen is in the process of making her first quilt ... for her son. She has filled it with so many details that have meaning for him. He loves words and numbers. He loves Roald Dahl (if you look closely, you'll see she has embroidered icons from some of her son's favourite stories). He loves cars. And .... he really loves his mum!! She has put so much of herself into this quilt.

And have a look at the divine fabric she has used on the back!!

The problem arose with the binding. Jen declared she was 'making it up as she went along'. So, I insisted she come over for a crafty catch up so we could bind her quilt together.

That day was yesterday. Jen arrived with yummy danishes .... a woman after my own heart ....and we set to work!

We got it to the stage where it just needs to be stitched on to the back. Jen plans to do this by hand (if her son can wait long enough for her to finish!!)

As an even lovelier surprise, Jen arrived back at my place in the afternoon just as I was starting on dinner with a thank you gift. (She shouldn't have but I'm glad she did!)

One of her gorgeous aprons. I popped it on straight away!!

Thanks Jen. I had a lovely morning!!

Andi :-)

PS Jen has also posted about our morning here.


Red Pepper Quilts - Rita Hodge said...

Lucky you, love the apron. Thanks for the link - heading straight over.


susan@tickledpaisley said...

Well I have to say she did a marvelous job on her first quilt and how fun that you were able to work together on the binding. Love the apron too!

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

A lovely day, a gorgeous quilt and a beautiful apron...what more could you want? I loved reading about your day from different angles! xo

Jenny from Ohjoh said...

You are lovely!!! Thanks for the plug.
I had a great morning and can't wait to finish it off now - must remember to feed the kids at some point...
And I'm still in awe of how confident and quick you are on that machine and that rotary cutter. Amazing.
How many times can person say thankyou before it become ridiculous? THANKS, THANKS & THANKS!!!!!!!

trash said...

How fortunate you were dressed to match the glorious gifty apron :-)

Louise said...

That apron is so very you!!