Saturday, November 15, 2008

Crafty 'To-do' list

Projects "on-the-go" or with specific deadlines:
  1. Final preparations for Ella's party
  2. Label for Ella's quilt
  3. End of year gifts for kinder & creche staff
  4. Shirley's birthday presents
  5. Finish mum's birthday quilt
  6. Finish quilting, binding and label for Jake's quilt
  7. Ruby's bat-mitzvah quilt
  8. Quilt for Johnny (no rush on this one)
  9. Our chuppah
Ideas for other projects I've been thinking about doing:
  1. Fabric / canvases for our bedroom
  2. New cushion covers for the living room
  3. Roman blind for our room
  4. Flying geese quilt for our bed
  5. Denise Schmidt style quilt in plains
Just one or two things to keep me busy.
Andi :-)


Louise said...

I can match that and double it!! There really are never enough hours!!

Soo said...

it's good to know that I'm not the only one with a big list of things to do! They look like fun projects...enjoy!

jacquie said...

thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving such kind words. i took a little time this morning to look at your work. FAB! love the quilt in your header too. take care,

Anonymous said...

Eeeeek - lots of to dos!!!!! I hope you have great speed and luck getting through them all - I am feeling my year winding down so I am ready for some creative freedom!!